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Camellias in January! |
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Camellias in January!

Living in Los Angeles you get used to time flying by. Lack of seasons and monotonous climate really contributes to this, but the other side effect is confusion for plants and trees. Some trees and plants who blossom once a year sometimes bloom twice those who bloom in spring might bloom in December or January.


I guess since plants don’t have calendars really do react in changes in temperature and if there is an unusual cold or hot weather that is out of season throws their biological clock off. I usually go for walks in my neighborhood and enjoy looking at plants and trees and gardens in my neighborhood.


On these walks I look forward to the changes I see, I look for turning of the colors on the leaves of the trees and in spring the blooming of spring flowers, though I would seldom find crocuses and tulips but occasionally Daffodils, Azaleas, and Camellias.


On  a recent walk few days ago I noticed these beautiful Camellias. Though it is January and in most of the countries, winter Camellias are in full bloom in Los Angeles. Camellias are from eastern and southern Asia originally. There are almost 250 species and originally named Linnaeus. They are trees that can grow up to 66 ft. They have beautiful glossy green leaves. The flowers range from white to pink to red. There is also a yellow variety but only found in southern Asia. They love acidic soils and are not drought tolerant, they love occasional rain, but they dislike chalky soil or soils rich in calicium. Camellia Sinensis leaves are used for tea and is also therefore known as tea flower in Asia. There are Camellias for all seasons, there are spring, summer, fall and winter blooming Camellias. They grow well against a warm wall but they don’t like too much sun.


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