February 1, 2023

Delphinium Flower Closeup

Delphinium is a genus of about 300 species of perennial flowering plants. It is part of the Ranunculaceae family of plants. It is native to the Northern Hemisphere and North Africa. The members of the Delphinium genus are poisonous to humans and livestock. It is also called Larkspur. The flower is named due to its dolphin-shaped flowers. The name is from the Greek “delphinion” which means “dolphin”.

The foliage is deeply lobed and palmate-shaped. Delphinium flowers in summer, usually in June or July. The flowers grow on tall spikes. The flowers have five petals like sepals. It has small, shiny black seeds.

Delphinium copyright onlineflowergarden.com
Violet Delphinium

How to grow Delphiniums:

Delphinium grows well in cooler summers. Grow them in the sun. They need about a half-day of sunlight. Plant them in rich, fertile moist soil that is well-drained. Shelter it from strong wind. Space them for good air circulation.

Delphinium requires regular watering special if the summers are dry. Fertilizers help get better results. Stake the flowers as they can get heavy when they flower. Cut them back to the ground when the frost starts. Divide the plants every few years.


Delphinium is easy to grow from seeds. Plant the seeds in July. Then plant them outside in October for bloom in late spring and in summer next year. Delphinium creates a beautiful splash of color against a wall. It is also an excellent border plant. It ranges in color from white, yellow, purples, but it is best known for the blue variety. They use flowers to make blue ink.

Delphinium buds

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