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Daily Archives: August 14, 2016

Lavatera clementii ‘Bredon Springs’

Lavatera clementii ‘Bredon Springs’

Lavatera clementii ‘Bredon Springs’ is also known as Tree mallow ‘Bredon Springs’. It is from the Malvaceae family of plants. It is a semi-evergreen sub-shrub. It grows to 2 meters tall. It flowers in the summer. You will have beautiful pink flowers all throughout the summer. Grow Lavatera clementii ‘Bredon Springs’ in the sun. Plant it in well-drained but moist soil. It is pest-free. Propagate by cuttings. Lavatera clementii ‘Bredon ...

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Grevillea ‘Moonlight’

Proteaceae Grevillea Moonlight

Grevillea ‘Moonlight’ is an evergreen shrub that grows up to 13ft and is native to Australia. It is part of the Proteaceae family of plants and blooms all year round. The flowers are white, actually creamy white racemes that grow up to 25cm the leaves are fern-like and very interesting as well. Grevillea ‘Moonlight’ grows in the sun and have little water needs. It is attractive to bees, butterflies, and ...

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Salvia viridis ‘Pink’

Salvia Viridis Pink

Salvia viridis ‘Pink’, also known as Pink Clary is an annual that does not need flowers to bring color to your garden the erect bracts of the plants change the leaf color at the tip to pink. It is grown from seed and it grows in the sun in well-drained soil. It grows to about 45 cm. It prefers good watering rather than moistening lightly. It is part of the ...

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Salvia curviflora

Salvia Curviflora

Salvia curviflora or Sage curviflora is native to Mexico. It belongs to the Lamiaceae family of plants. Another perennial that blooms in red flowers in summer and can grow up to 4 feet. It likes the sun and well-drained soil in borders or containers. Salvia curviflora attracts bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies and has fragrant foliage like other members of the Sage family. Salvia curviflora Salvia curviflora

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Scabiosa columbaria

Scabiosa Columbaria

Scabiosa columbaria are also known as Small Scabious or Lilac-flowered Scabious,  Scabiosa banatica, a herbaceous perennial that is native to South Africa. It is also sometimes called the Pincushion flower, or Pigeon Scabious, Dove Pincushion. It is clump-forming, likes the sun. Grow it in fertile well-drained soil. You can grow it from seeds or propagate from basal cuttings or divisions. Scabiosa columbaria flowers are blue lavender in color usually appear ...

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Iresine herbstii ‘Brilliantissima’

Iresine Herbstii - Brilliantissima

Iresine herbstii ‘Brilliantissima’ belongs to the family of Amaranthaceae plants. With red foliage like that, you don’t need flowers to brighten the garden. It is a really nice compliment in borders with both regular green foliage as well as silver-leaved plants. Iresine herbstii ‘Brilliantissima’ prefers full sun or partial shade and well-drained soil. It is a small shrub and grows to about 50 cm tall. Iresine herbstii ‘Brilliantissima’ is also ...

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Senecio cineraria ‘Silver Dust’

Senecio Cineraria -Silver Dust

Senecio cineraria ‘Silver Dust’ or otherwise known as Ragwort cineraria ‘Silver Dust’ or Senecio cineraria is grown as an annual and it is a tender shrub. It is an evergreen perennial subshrub that can be considered an annual or biennial plant. Senecio cineraria ‘Silver Dust’ has silvery foliage which is a very nice contrast to the other plants and flowers. It flowers in the summer with yellow daisy-like flowers. It ...

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Sedum telephium ‘Purple Emperor’

Sedum Telephium - Purple Emperor

Sedum telephium ‘Purple Emperor’ is also known as Orpine Emperor, Sedum purdyi ‘Purple Emperor’, orpine ‘Purple Emperor’ and belongs to the Crassulaceae family of plants. It is a deciduous perennial which is also clump-forming by habit. Sedum telephium ‘Purple Emperor’ likes the sun. Plant it in fertile and well-drained soil. Sedum telephium ‘Purple Emperor’ produces pale pink clusters of flowers in mid to late summer. It can grow to about ...

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Cirsium rivulare ‘Atropurpureum’

Cirsium rivulare 'Atropurpureum'

Cirsium rivulare ‘Atropurpureum’ or Plume Thistle ‘Atropurpureum’ is a perennial. I remember when Thistles were considered wildflowers and weeds in the garden but in recent years with the introduction of more and more wildflowers in the gardens, it has become popular to cultivate thistles. This plant is part of the Asteraceae family of plants. Cirsium rivulare ‘Atropurpureum’ produces purplish maroon color flowers in the summer months rather tall adding a ...

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Salvia microphylla ‘Maroon’

Salvia Microphylla - Maroon

Salvia microphylla ‘Maroon’ is also known as Baby Sage  ‘Maroon’, Little-leaf Sage ‘Maroon’ or Mexican Sage ‘Maroon’ or Dyson’s ‘Maroon’ and it belongs to the Lamiaceae family of plants. It has fragrant foliage and produces purplish-red flowers in summer and fall. It is a bushy plant. Watch out for snails and slugs. It is easy to grow. Plant Salvia microphylla ‘Maroon’ in sun or partial shade and ensure it has ...

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