Damask Rose or Rosa damascena

Damask Rose which is also known by many other names including Castilian Damask, Old Castilian, Trachyean Rose or Rosa damascena is an old fashioned rose and it is a deciduous shrub. It is very fragrant and therefore it is cultivated for its fragrance used in toiletries, rose oil, and rose water. The largest producers of Rose oil are Turkey and Bulgaria. Damask Rose usually grows to over 2 meters tall and is rather bushy in nature, the leaves are pinnate. Petals of the rose are edible and are used for garnish or tea.

The flowers are pink and appear for a shorter season except for the variety of Rosa damascena nothovar. R. semperflorens which has a longer season. The bloom depending on the climate in spring, summer, and fall.  Another popular variety is Rosa damascena or the Ispahan rose. Rosa Damascena is a rose hybrid and DNA research has shown that its ancestors included Rosa gallica, Rosa moschata, and Rosa fedtschenkoana. Damask Rose can be propagated from cuttings and seeds.

It should be planted in the sun in fertile well-drained soil and should be pruned as any other shrub rose. It is native to Syria where we assume the name is derived from Damascus. But it could be found in the region including in Iran and Turkey.

Rosa Damascena or Damask Rose
Rosa damascena or Damask Rose
Rosa Damascena or Damask Rose
An old rose: Rosa damascena or Damask Rose
Rosa Damascena or Damask Rose
Rosa damascena or Damask Rose at Kew Gardens

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