Heuchera 'Cherry Cola'

Heuchera ‘Cherry Cola’: Vibrant Compact Coral Bells for Lively Landscapes

Background and Characteristics: Heuchera ‘Cherry Cola’ is a captivating variety of Heuchera, commonly known as Fancy-leaf Coral Bells or Alum root ‘Cherry Cola’. This clump-forming, herbaceous perennial belongs to the Saxifragaceae family of plants. Renowned for its vibrant reddish-brown leaves and charming red flowers, Heuchera ‘Cherry Cola’ offers an exquisite foliage display that can stand on its own, without relying on the blooms.

Description and Habitat: Heuchera ‘Cherry Cola’ is a fast-growing cultivar that forms compact mounds of foliage. The leaves exhibit a rich reddish-brown color, adding warmth and visual interest to the landscape. While the plant produces red flowers in late spring and summer, it is the striking foliage that steals the show. With a height of approximately 15 inches (40 cm), this variety thrives in various garden settings.

Cultivation of Heuchera ‘Cherry Cola’:

Sunlight: While Heuchera ‘Cherry Cola’ can tolerate full sun, it generally prefers partial shade. Planting it in a location with filtered sunlight or morning sun with afternoon shade can help maintain the color and quality of its foliage.

Watering: Heuchera ‘Cherry Cola’ appreciates consistent moisture. Water deeply, ensuring the soil is evenly moist. However, avoid excessive watering during the plant’s dormant seasons. Adequate drainage is essential to prevent waterlogging and promote healthy growth.

Fertilizing: Feed Heuchera ‘Cherry Cola’ during the growing season with a balanced, slow-release fertilizer. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding application rates and frequency. Fertilizing can help support vigorous growth and enhance the foliage’s coloration.

Pruning and Deadheading: In early spring, remove any dead flowers and prune back the plant to encourage new growth and maintain a tidy appearance. Trim any damaged or withered leaves throughout the growing season to promote overall plant health.

Winter Protection: Provide frost protection for Heuchera ‘Cherry Cola’ during the winter months, especially in colder regions. Applying a layer of mulch around the plant’s base can help insulate the roots and protect them from freezing temperatures.

Heuchera 'Cherry Cola'
Heuchera on landscaping by Jubilee Walkway, London, UK

Propagation and Maintenance:

Heuchera ‘Cherry Cola’ can be propagated through division, a process best carried out in autumn.

  • Division: Lift the mature clump of Heuchera ‘Cherry Cola’ and carefully separate it into smaller sections, ensuring each division has a sufficient root system. Replant the divisions in well-prepared soil, ensuring they are at the same depth as the original plant. Water thoroughly after planting to promote establishment.

Embrace the Colorful Charm of Heuchera ‘Cherry Cola’: Heuchera ‘Cherry Cola’ stands out as a vibrant and compact Coral Bells variety, offering stunning reddish-brown foliage and the added bonus of attractive red flowers. With its adaptable nature and preference for partial shade, this cultivar can thrive in various garden settings, from sunny borders to shaded areas. Keep the soil consistently moist, fertilize during the growing season, and provide winter protection to ensure the continued beauty of Heuchera ‘Cherry Cola’. With its eye-catching presence, this variety will infuse your landscape with a touch of rich color and enduring charm.

Heuchera 'Cherry Cola'
Coral Bells or Alum root ‘Cherry Cola’.

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