February 7, 2023
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Paeonia 'Honor'

Paeonia ‘Honor’, Paeony ‘Honor’ or Peony ‘Honor’ is a hybrid Peony that was bred by Professor Arthur Percy Saunders (1869-1953). He was a chemistry professor at Hamilton College at Clinton, New York. He is one of the best-known peony hybridizers in the world.

He systematically intercrossed many of the species of Peonies. He joined the American Peony Society in 1906 and served as the director from 1909 until his death. His efforts not only increased the varieties available but varieties that increased the blooming season by several weeks.

Paeonia 'Honor'
Paeonia ‘Honor’ at Kew Gardens, London

Paeonia ‘Honor’ is a Pink hybrid, single or semi-double flowers. It is a herbaceous perennial. from the Paeonicaseae family of plants. It usually flowers in late spring. Hybrids are usually hardy and disease-free. Paeonia ‘Honor’ has bright green large leaves deeply lobed.

Paeonia 'Honor'
Paeonia ‘Honor’

It makes a good border plant. Plant Paeonia ‘Honor’ in full sun or partial shade in hot climates. Established peonies last a long time and also adapt to drier soils. Do not plant under trees or shrubs as they need their sunlight. You can propagate from division especially when dormant. Paeonia ‘Honor’ prefers rich soil and well-drained, it really dislikes waterlogged soil. If you fertilize it, use a low nitrogen fertilizer as it does not respond well to nitrogen.

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