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Claytonia sibirica

Claytonia sibirica is from the Montiaceae family of plants. It is native to Siberia and western North America. They also call it Montia sibrica, Claytonia alsinoides, Calandrinia sibrica, Candy Flower, Chinese Chickweed, Siberian Spring Beauty, Siberian Purselane, Miner’s Lettuce, Indian Lettuce, Peppermint Candy Flower, Candy Stripe, Pink Purslane, or Siberian Miner’s Lettuce. It usually grows in shady moist habitat. It is a herbaceous perennial. It was named after John Clayton (1693-1773), an American plant collector.

Claytonia sibirica, Siberian Miner's Lettuce
Claytonia sibirica or Siberian Miner’s Lettuce or Candy Stripe

Claytonia sibirica produces a rosette of fleshy leaves. The leaves are linear and lanceolate. The rosette grows to 8in or 20cm tall. On top of the rosette, it produces clusters of small white and pink flowers. Claytonia sibirica flowers are hermaphroditic and self-fertile. The flowers have five petals that are candy-striped and look pinkish. Claytonia sibirica flowers from early spring to the end of summer.

How to grow Claytonia sibirica:

Grow Claytonia sibirica in the sun or partial shade. Plant it in humus-rich but very well-drained soil. Avoid winter wetness. It is generally disease-free and pest-free.

Claytonia sibirica, Pink Purselane
Claytonia sibirica or Pink Purselane

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