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Erythronium revolutum

Erythronium revolutum is part of the Liliaceae family of plants. They call it by common names such as Mahogany Fawn Lily, Pink Fawn Lily, or Coast Fawn Lily. It is native to the West Coast of North America and usually grows not far from the coast. Erythronium revolutum is a hardy, bulbous perennial and grows to about 30cm or 12in tall. Hence the height is due to the flowers as the leaves are near the ground.

Erythronium revolutum produces two flat leaves near the ground and the leaves are mottled green. A single stalk from the bulb grows to produce one or two flowers. It flowers in spring, between March and June. The flowers are usually facing the ground. They have six tepals and are either pink or purplish-pink. Sometimes they have white or yellow spots toward the middle of the flower, they have bright yellow anthers. The fruit is a capsule. The plant goes dormant in the summer until next year.

Erythronium revolutum
Erythronium revolutum

How to grow Erythronium revolutum:

Grow Erythronium revolutum in partial shade. Plant the bulbs, that are oval, about 10cm or 4in deep in humus-rich, fertile, and well-drained soil. Propagate Erythronium revolutum by division after the flowering season.

Erythronium revolutum is generally disease-free, however, you should watch out for slugs and snails. Store the bulbs in a slightly damp environment. Erythronium revolutum is deer-resistant.

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