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Melaleuca nesophila

Melaleuca nesophila is part of the Myrtaceae family of plants, which is the Myrtle family. They also call it the Showy Honey-myrtle, Western Tea Myrtle, Mindiyed, or Pink Melaleuca. It is a large shrub, or a small tree, native to Western Australia.

Melaleuca nesophila
Melaleuca nesophila near Brentwood Country Club, in Los Angeles, CA

The bark is grayish and peels off. It forms a dense crown and is usually multi-trunked, with twisted branches. Melaleuca nesophila grows to about 30ft, or 10m tall.

The foliage is bluish-green about 2.5cm or 1in long. The leaves are aromatic when crushed. The flowers are pink and then fade to white as they age. They are pom-pom-like, or like a bottle-brush, but more rounded and appear on tip of the branches. Each strand has a golden tip.

Melaleuca nesophila
Melaleuca nesophila

How to grow Melaleuca nesophila:

Grow Melaleuca nesophila in the sun or partial shade. It is easy to grow. Plant it in moist or dry soil as long as it is well-drained. Melaleuca nesophila is drought-tolerant and withstands coastal conditions. It withstands desert heat and is attractive to birds and bees due to its nectar. Prune it to shape. It is generally disease-free and pest-free. Watch out for root rot. Propagate by seed or tip cuttings.

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