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Red Petunias and Purple Lobelia

Petunia and Lobelia ©

Red Petunias and purple or blue Lobelias make such a beautiful combination and splash of color for the summer. You can add white Allysum and you will end up with a red white and blue borders. A beautiful combination of gardens or in the cityscape. Red Petunias and Lobelia

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Lobelia erinus or Lobelia

Lobelia ©

Lobelias are everywhere, people use them in borders or hanging baskets. They grow in a dense ball of flowers. The most popular color is blue and dark purple. Lobelia flowers grow in a variety of shades such as light purple and white. They are easy to grow and love the sun. Lobelia erinus or as commonly known as Edging Lobelia, Trailing Lobelia, or Garden Lobelia. It is part of the Campanulaceae ...

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