February 8, 2023
Pride of Cheshire

Pride of Chesire at Regent's Park

Queen Mary’s Rose Garden is one of the gardens in Regent’s Park. It was opened to the public in 1932. Queen Mary was the wife of King George V. This is London’s largest collection of roses. There are 12,000 roses of 85 single varieties.

About the Rose:

Rose is a perennial. It is part of the Rosaceae family of plants. This is a plant family with over 300 species and tens of thousands of cultivars. The name Rose which is french is derived from Latin rosa. Most roses are deciduous but some Asian varieties are evergreen.

The fruit of the rose is called a rosehip. But not all cultivars produce rosehips. Rosehips are usually consumed by some types of birds. Rosehips are also consumed by humans in jams, jelly, tea

Roses have a lot of thorns but they are technically outgrowths of the epidermis and not true thorns. Their primary purpose is to help the roses to hang on to its environment and grow over other plants. Roses are mostly grown as ornamental plants.

Different ways Rose is used:

Rose is used for making perfumes. It is made from rose oil which is derived from steam distilling the crushed rose petals. A similar product is rose water which is used both in cooking, cosmetics, and medicine, this process was created in Persia and spread west to Eastern Europe and East toward India. Rosewater is used in many middle easter sweets such as baklava, nougat, or gumdrops.

Pride of Cheshire’ Rose has a darker bud the opens into an orangish-yellow.

Pride of Cheshire
‘Pride of Chesire’ at Regent’s Park
Pride of Chesire at Regent's Park
‘Pride of Chesire’ at Regent’s Park

Precious Time’ Rose is bright red.

Precious Time
‘Precious Time’ at Regent’s Park

Keep Smiling’ Rose is a cheerful yellow.

Keep Smiling
‘Keep Smiling’ at Regent’s Park

‘Jack’s Wish‘ is an orange colored rose.

Jack's Wish Rose at Regent's Park
‘Jack’s Wish’ Rose at Regent’s Park

Royal Philharmonic‘ is beautiful white rose.

Royal Philharmonic
‘Royal Philharmonic’, white rose at Queen Mary’s Garden.

Claret’ Rose is deep red rose.

‘Claret’ at Queen Mary’s Garden, Regen’t Park.
‘Claret’ at Regent’s Park.

‘Take it Easy’ is a red rose.

The back of the petals is white giving a wonderful dimension in any light.

Take it Easy, Rose
‘Take it Easy’ Rose at Queen Mary’s Rose Garden.

‘Linzi’s Smile’ is also a dual-colored red rose.

The back of the petal is white. But it is a single rose with a few petals.

Linzi's Smile at Regent's Park
‘Linzi’s Smile’ at Regent’s Park
Linzi's Smile at Regent's Park
‘Linzi’s Smile’ at Regent’s Park
Linzi's Smile at Regent's Park
‘Linzi’s Smile’ at Regent’s Park

‘Simply the Best’ is a bright yellow rose.

'Simply the Best' Rose
‘Simply the Best’ Rose at Queen Mary’s Garden

‘Dawn Chorus’ Rose is another yellow rose.

Dawn Chorus
Dawn Chorus at Queen Mary’s Garden

‘Adrianna’ is creamish colored with slight hint of yellow.

'Adrianna' Rose
‘Adrianna’ Rose at Regent’s Park.

Westminster Pink’ Rose is medium pink colored rose.

'Westminster Pink' Rose
‘Westminster Pink’ Rose
'Westminster Pink' Rose
‘Westminster Pink’ Rose at Queen Mary’s Garden

Charisma’ Rose, a dark pink rose.

‘Charisma’ Rose at Queen’s Rose Garden
'Charisma' Rose
‘Charisma’ Rose at Regent’s Park

Donatella’ Rose is a peachy-pink colored rose.

Donatella Rose at Regent’s Park
Donatella Rose
Donatella Rose at Queen Mary’s Garden

‘Silver Shadow’ is a purple rose.

'Silver Shadow'
‘Silver Shadow’ at Regent’s Park
'Silver Shadow'
‘Silver Shadow’ Rose

‘Belmonte’ is a very light pink rose.

‘Belmonte’ Rose at Regent’s Park
Belmonte Rose
‘Belmonte’ Rose at Regent’s Park

Tintinara is a bright orange rose with yellowish shade in the center.

Tintinara Rose
‘Tintinara’ Rose at Regent’s Park
'Tintinara' Rose at Regent's Park
‘Tintinara’ Rose at Regent’s Park

Britannia is a bicolor rose.

It has yellowish fading into pink or red. at the edges of the petals.

Britannia at Regent's Park
Britannia at Regent’s Park

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