Category: Annual Plants

Annual plants are a diverse group of plants that complete their life cycle within a single year. From seed germination to flowering, seed production, and eventual death, annuals pack their entire lifespan into one growing season. They come in various forms, including flowers, vegetables, and herbs, offering a wide range of options for gardeners. Annuals are known for their vibrant colors, abundant blooms, and quick growth, providing instant impact and visual interest in gardens.

They are often used to fill in spaces, create seasonal displays, or provide continuous blooms throughout the growing season. While annuals require replanting each year, their short lifespan allows for experimentation and flexibility in garden design, enabling gardeners to refresh and change the look of their landscapes annually. With their enthusiastic growth and ability to produce abundant flowers or harvestable crops, annual plants bring excitement and productivity to gardens, making them an essential component of any gardening endeavor.