Zinnia Elegans 'Magellan™ Orange'

Radiant Beauty: Zinnia Elegans ‘Magellan™ Orange’

Zinnia Elegans ‘Magellan™ Orange’, commonly known as Zinnia Magellan™ Orange, is a captivating annual flower renowned for its brilliant, fully double orange blooms. Belonging to the Asteraceae family, Zinnias are native to Mexico and have become garden favorites due to their vivid colors and ease of cultivation. The ‘Magellan™ Orange’ cultivar stands out with its impressive heat and drought tolerance, making it an excellent choice for vibrant displays in gardens and containers from summer through fall.

Botanical Background

Zinnias, part of the Asteraceae family, share their lineage with daisies, sunflowers, and asters. Named after the German botanist Johann Gottfried Zinn, the genus Zinnia includes the popular species Zinnia elegans. This species is cherished for its large, showy flowers and a wide spectrum of colors, with ‘Magellan™ Orange’ being a particularly striking example.


Zinnia Elegans ‘Magellan™ Orange’ features impressive, fully double blooms that can reach up to 5 inches in diameter. The bright orange flowers are complemented by lush green foliage on bushy, uniform plants that grow to a height of 12-15 inches. The plant’s upright habit and vivid blooms make it a standout addition to any garden.

  • Flowers: Large, double orange blooms, 5 inches across.
  • Foliage: Attractive green foliage that provides a lush backdrop for the bright flowers.
  • Habit: Upright and bushy, reaching 12-15 inches in height and spreading 10-12 inches wide.
  • Attracts: Butterflies and birds, adding life and movement to the garden.
  • Resistance: Deer resistant, making it a durable choice for many garden settings.

Care Instructions for Zinnia Elegans ‘Magellan™ Orange’:

Sunlight: Zinnia ‘Magellan™ Orange’ thrives in full sun, needing at least 6 hours of direct sunlight daily. Adequate sunlight ensures robust growth and abundant blooming.

Watering: Maintain medium watering. Zinnias prefer evenly moist soil but are quite drought-tolerant once established. Avoid overhead watering to prevent fungal diseases; instead, water at the base of the plants.

Soil: Plant in moderately fertile, well-drained soil. Zinnias do well in average garden soil but perform best in soil that is not overly rich, as excessive fertility can lead to lush foliage at the expense of blooms.

Temperature: Hardy to USDA zones 10-11, Zinnias can withstand temperatures as low as 32°F (0°C). They are excellent performers in hot, sunny climates.

Fertilization: Fertilize monthly with a balanced fertilizer to support continuous blooming. Over-fertilizing can cause excessive leaf growth and fewer flowers.

Maintenance: Deadheading, or removing spent flowers, is crucial to prolong the blooming period and maintain a neat appearance. This also encourages the plant to produce more blooms throughout the season.

Planting & Growing


  • Timing: Sow seeds directly into the garden after the danger of frost has passed. In cooler climates, seeds can be started indoors 4-6 weeks before the last frost date.
  • Location: Choose a sunny spot with well-drained soil. Space plants 10-12 inches apart to allow for good air circulation and prevent disease.

Growth Habit:

  • Mature Size: Plants grow to a height of 12-15 inches and a spread of 10-12 inches, forming a compact and uniform mound.
  • Container Planting: Zinnias are ideal for containers, where they can add a splash of color to patios and balconies. Ensure containers have good drainage and use a high-quality potting mix.


Seed Propagation: Zinnias are typically grown from seed.

  • Steps:
    1. Sow seeds directly into the garden after the last frost.
    2. Cover seeds lightly with soil.
    3. Keep the soil moist until germination, which usually occurs within 7-10 days.
  • Indoor Starting: For an early start, sow seeds indoors in biodegradable pots. Transplant seedlings into the garden after the last frost, taking care not to disturb the roots.


Zinnia Elegans ‘Magellan™ Orange’ is a stunning, easy-to-grow annual that brings a burst of color to any garden. Its large, double orange blooms, combined with its heat and drought tolerance, make it a reliable and low-maintenance choice for gardeners. Whether planted in beds, borders, or containers, this zinnia cultivar offers continuous flowering from summer through fall, attracting butterflies and adding beauty to your outdoor space. With minimal care requirements and excellent performance, ‘Magellan™ Orange’ is sure to be a favorite in any sunny garden.

Zinnia Elegans 'Magellan™ Orange'
Zinnia Elegans ‘Magellan™ Orange’

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