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Amphilophium buccinatorium

Distictis buccinatoria

Amphilophium buccinatorium or Mexican Blood Trumpet is also known as Scarlet Trumpet Vine. But it has also been called Bignonia ...

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Clematis ‘Jackmanii’

Clematis 'Jackmanii'

Clematis ‘Jackmanii’ or Jackman’s Clematis is from the Ranunculaceae family of plants. It is a deciduous climber. If flowers in summer ...

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Calystegia sepium

Calystegia sepium

Calystegia sepium or Hedge Bindweed is also known as Rutland Beauty or Bellbind or Convolvulus sepium. It is a herbaceous ...

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Cestrum elegans

Cestrum Elegans

Cestrum elegans or Red Centrum or also known as Bastard Jasmine has origins going back to Mexico. Cestrum elegans belongs ...

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Solanum laciniatum

Solanum Laciniatum

Native to New Zealand, it is also known as the Kangaroo Apple Plant it is part of the Solanaceae family ...

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Rosa arvensis

Rosaceae - Rosa Arvensis

Rosa arvensis also is known as Field Rose or Briar Rose belongs to the Rosaceae family of plants. It can ...

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Pandorea Pandorana

Pandorea pandorana Wonga Wonga

Pandorea Pandorana or Golden Showers, also known as Wonga-wonga vine is a climber native to Australia. It belongs to the ...

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