March 29, 2023
Viola hederacea,

Viola hederacea, Australian Violet

Viola hederacea is a herbaceous perennial and it is part of the Violaceae family of plants. It is a mat-forming, groundcover, native to Australia. The name hederacea means “like ivy” which is referring to the leaves. They also call it Australian Violet, Ivy-leaved Violet, Tasmanian Violet, Spurless Violet, or Trailing Violet.

Viola hederacea,
Viola hederacea, Australian Violet in West Los Angeles, California

The leaves are circular and heart-shaped. It flowers from spring into summer and autumn. The flowers are purple and white but pale. They attract butterflies and bees. Viola hederacea grows to about 6in or 15cm tall and can spread about 12in or 30cm. They usually occur where there are ponds and rivers.

How to grow Viola hederacea:

Grow Viola hederacea in partial shade, it needs some sun to flower. Plant it in moist and fertile soil, near ponds. Viola hederacea leaves and flowers are edible, but not the seeds.

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