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Passiflora – Passion Flower

Passiflora Passion Flower

I have never been fond of this flower. It is “different” looking. It reminds me of a large spider for some reason. But the taste of the fruit is something else. Passiflora or Passion Flower is a vine or shrub. It is from the Passifloraceae family of plants. Passiflora is a herbaceous plant. It is evergreen. Passiflora is native to Central America and Mexico as well as Southeast Asia and ...

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Euphorbia epithymoides

Euphorbia Epithymoides

Euphorbia epithymoides is a herbaceous perennial native to the middle east and middle and eastern Europe. It is part of the Euphorbiaceae family of plants. With its green foliage and bright yellow star-shaped flowers, it is a nice addition to borders. It is also known as the Cushion Spurge, Euphorbia polychroma, or Euphorbia villosa. Euphorbia epithymoides is a compact clump-forming plant that grows to about 40cm about 18 inches. It ...

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Phytolacca rugosa


Phytolacca rugosa belongs to the Phytolaccaceae family of plants. A deciduous herbaceous perennial that flowers in summer and have fruits in fall adding nice color to the garden. The flowers which are pink grow on racemes grow to about 1 to 1.5 meters tall. Plant Phytolacca rugosa in the sun or partial shade in fertile, well-drained soil and propagate in spring by seeds. Phytolacca rugosa Phytolaccaceae Phytolaccaceae at Kew Gardens

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Verbena bonariensis

purpletop vervain, clustertop vervain, Argentinian vervain, tall verbena

Verbena bonariensis also is known as Argentinian Vervain, Verbena Bonariensis ‘Buenos Aires’, Purpletop Vervain, Clustertop Vervain, Argentinian vervain, Tall Verbena, Pretty Verbena part of the Verbenaceae family of plants. It is a herbaceous perennial. Verbena Bonariensis is native to South America. It grows rather tall about 2m tall with erect branches that have clusters of fragrant purple flowers and a few leaves sparsely spaced. It flowers in summer and fall. ...

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Acanthus spinosus

Acanthus Spinosus

Acanthus spinosus also called Armed Bear’s Breech, Spiny Bear’s Breech, Acanthus caroli-Alexandri is a member of the Acanthaceae family of plants, native to southern Europe. Acanthus spinosus is a deciduous, herbaceous perennial with large spikes of flowers in spring and summer. It has large deeply cut leaves with spikes. Plant it in the sun or partial shade in fertile well-drained soil, but it will do better in full sun. It ...

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Echinops ritro subsp. ruthenicus

Echinops Ritro - Ruthenicus

Echinops ritro subsp. Ruthenicus or also called Ruthenian Globe Thistle is from the Asteraceae family of plants. Echinops ritro subsp. Ruthenicus is a herbaceous perennial with thistle-like leaves, it blooms in late summer with blue-violet globe-shaped flowers and has Thistle like leaves that are whitish underneath. Plant it in the sun in well-drained soil. You need to deadhead it otherwise it will self-seed. You can propagate through seeds. It is ...

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Filipendula rubra ‘Venusta’

Queen of the Prairie

Filipendula rubra ‘Venusta’ or also known as the Queen of the Prairie ‘Venusta’, Meadowsweet ‘Venusta’,  Filipendula magnifica, Filipendula rubra ‘Magnifica’, Spiraea Venusta ‘Magnifica’. It is a hybrid, but it belongs to the Rosaceae family of plants. It is a rhizomatous herbaceous perennial which is clump-forming and herbaceous. It grows to 8ft or 2.5m tall. Filipendula rubra is native to North America and it is considered endangered. Filipendula Rubra – Venusta It blooms ...

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Silphium perfoliatum

Silphium perfoliatum

Silphium perfoliatum or the Cup Plant is native to North America. It is also called the Cup Rosin Weed or Indian Cup. It grows rather tall, up to 2 meters or 6ft tall. It is a herbaceous perennial that produces daisy-like yellow flowers in mid to late summer. It is part of the Asteraceae family of plants. Silphium perfoliatum stems are glabrous or hairy. The foliage is ovate, opposite, and ...

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Campanula lactiflora ‘Assendon Pearl’

Campanula Lactiflora - Assendon Pearl

Campanula lactiflora ‘Assendon Pearl’ or Milky Bellflower belongs to the family of Campanulaceae.  A deciduous clump-forming perennial that blooms in the summer with clusters of white bell-shaped flowers. Campanula lactiflora ‘Assendon Pearl’ grows in the sun. Plant it in moist fertile well-drained soil. Propagate by division in spring. Cut back after flowering to promote more flowers. Campanula lactiflora ‘Assendon Pearl’ Campanula lactiflora ‘Assendon Pearl’ Campanula lactiflora ‘Assendon Pearl’ at Kew ...

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Veronicastrum virginicum

Veronicastrum Virginicum "Album"

Veronicastrum virginicum ‘Album’ is an easy grower belonging to the Plantaginaceae family of plants. It is also known as Culver’s-root, Culverphysic, Culver’s Physic, Bowman’s Root, or Black Root. A herbaceous perennial with creamy white flowers in the summer that grow to about 1.2 meters or 4ft. tall. It has lance-shaped and toothed foliage. Veronicastrum virginicum ‘Album’ is native to eastern North America. Veronicastrum virginicum ‘Album’ looks great in borders as ...

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