February 1, 2023
Euphorbia Epithymoides

Euphorbia epithymoides is a herbaceous perennial native to the middle east and middle and eastern Europe. It is part of the Euphorbiaceae family of plants. With its green foliage and bright yellow star-shaped flowers, it is a nice addition to borders.

It is also known as the Cushion Spurge, Euphorbia polychroma, or Euphorbia villosa. Euphorbia epithymoides is a compact clump-forming plant that grows to about 40cm about 18 inches. It is deciduous as the plant dies down in winter and it grows again in spring.

Euphorbia Epithymoides, Cushion Spurge
Cushion Spurge – Euphorbia Epithymoides

Euphorbia epithymoides flowers appear in spring, April, May, and the foliage turns yellow in autumn. You can plant it in moist well-drained soil, sandy, chalky, or clay.

How to grow Euphorbia epithymoides:

Chose a full sun or partial shade location, it is an easy growing plant which is mostly disease or pest-free. You can propagate by dividing it in early spring or do basal cuttings. If you chose to do cuttings put the cuttings in warm water to prevent bleeding. Also, wear gloves as the milky sap can irritate the skin and is poisonous. Also if you have pets be careful though Euphorbia epithymoides are not poisonous to birds or livestock. It is a pretty fast-growing plant.

Euphorbia Epithymoides

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