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Brunnera macrophylla

Brunnera macrophylla is part of the Boraginaceae family of plants. This rhizomatous, herbaceous perennial is native to the Caucasus. They also call it the Siberian Bugloss, Heartleaf Brunnera, False Forget-me-not, Great Forget-me-not, Large-leaf Brunnera, or Heartless. “Macrophylla” means large-leaved in Latin.


Brunnera macrophylla is a ground cover. It grows to about 18in or 45cm tall. It grows clumps of basal leaves and simple cordate leaves on the slender stems. The leaves on the stems reach their full size after the flowers fade. It is valued both for its foliage and the flowers. The foliage has a rough feel to it and it is evergreen in milder climates. It produces sprays of blue flowers similar to Forget-me-nots. The flowers appear in spring and last for a couple of months.

How to grow Brunnera macrophylla:

Grow Brunnera macrophylla in partial or full shade. Plant it in humus-rich, moist but well-drained soil. It is easy to care for and it is resistant to deer and rabbits. Brunnera macrophylla is generally pest-free and disease-free. They do self-seed and if you prefer that they don’t, then deadhead the flowers. Prune for new growth and shape and remove damaged foliage.


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