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Nepeta cataria – Catnip

This is the favorite plant of the cats, I guess is why they call it Catnip, but in fact, not all cats like it, though the majority of cats do. Nepeta cataria is a hardy perennial. It could be an edging plant, border plant, or a ground cover.

Nepeta cataria has aromatic, grayish-green leaves and is clump-forming. The leaves are fragrant since it is related to the mint. It is from the Lamiaceae family of plants and is also known as Catmint, Catnep, Cat in Clover, Cat’s Heal All, or Catswort. It is native to Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia. It usually grows to between 1m or more that is about 40 inches or more.

Nepeta Cataria

Grow it in a sunny location or partial shade. Plant it in moist or dry but well-drained soil. It flowers in late spring and summer. Violet flowers on spikes and fragrance are both valuable contributions of this plant to any landscape. It is easy to grow and low maintenance and very attractive. Nepeta cataria is drought-tolerant. You can cut back or prune the plants after flowering.

Nepeta cataria is used in herbal teas. It is used in cuisines, added to salads, soups, sauces or pasta. It can also ehance the flavor of meat, you can easily rub it on before cooking. Oil derived from Nepeta cataria is an insect repellent. It repels mosquitos and cockroaches. But the flowers attract butterflies!

Nepeta Cataria - Catnip

Propagate by seed or cuttings in summer or autumn or you can do it by division.

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