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Lupinus polyphyllus

Lupinus polyphyllus is a herbaceous perennial that produces strong spikes of colorful colors in late spring and summer. Lupinus polyphyllus is also called the Large-leaved Lupine, Big-leaved Lupine, Blue-pod Lupine, Many-leaved Lupine, Meadow Lupine, Bog Lupine, or Garden Lupin. It is clump-formin.

Lupinus polyphyllus is part of the Fabaceae family of plants. It is native to Western North America. It grows in moist locations, such as near streams. Lupinus polyphyllus with its flower stems could grow to 1.5m or 5ft tall.

Lupine, Lupinus polyphyllus
Lupine or Lupinus polyphyllus

The leaves are palmately compound. They are medium-green. The flowers grow on tall spikes. The flowers are usually blue and pea-like. They attract bees and butterflies.

Lupine, Lupinus polyphyllus
Lupine or Lupinus polyphyllus at Kew Garden

How to grow Lupinus polyphyllus:

It is easy to grow and does well in moist, cool locations. Grow it in the sun where it flowers profusely. However, in hot climates afternoon shade will help. They prefer cool summers but plenty of light. Good air circulation will prevent powdery mildew. Plant it in organically rich, slightly acidic, evenly moist soil. Lupines have a nitrogen-fixing capability and can help improve soil conditions. Watch out for slugs, snails, aphids, and powdery mildew.

Lupinus polyphyllus hybrids come in a range of colors from white, yellow, deep blue and purple, pink and violet, and red. Russell hybrids are probably the best-known. George Russel, the English gardener, cultivated the Russell hybrids.

You can start Lupinus polyphyllus from seeds, they are a bit fussy about their soil specially for the second year. Propagate from side shoot cuttings. Lupinus polyphyllus is considered invasive in New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Czech Republic, Finland, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Argentina.

Red Lupine or Lupinus polyphyllus hybrids
Lupine or Lupinus polyphyllus
Lupine flower
Lupine or Lupinus polyphyllus
Lupine Blossom
Lupine or Lupinus polyphyllus
Colorful Lupine
Lupine or Lupinus polyphyllus
White Lupine
Lupine Leaves
Lupine or Lupinus polyphyllus leaves are very ornamental
Purple Lupine
Lupine or Lupinus polyphyllus
Lupine, Kew Gardens
Lupine or Lupinus polyphyllus at Kew Garden, London, UK
Lupine Red
Red Lupine or Lupinus polyphyllus

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