January 26, 2023
Rosa Lichfield Angel - Ausrelate

Rosa 'Lichfield Angel' or Rosa 'Ausrelate'

Rosa ‘Lichfield Angel’ or Rosa ‘Ausrelate’, or Rose ‘Lichfield Angel‘ is a member of the Rosaceae family of plants. It is an old fashioned rose. It is a David Austin English Rose. David Austin is an English rose breeder, he has combined old English rose beauty and fragrance with the performance of a modern rose, producing repeat flowers.

Rosa ‘Lichfield Angel’ grows to about 1.2m or 4ft. Rosa ‘Lichfield Angel’ is a bushy shrub rose. It has thorny stems like most roses. It has fragrant flowers. It is named after an 8th-century panel from Litchfield Cathedral.

Rosa Lichfield Angel - Ausrelate
Rosa ‘Lichfield Angel’ or Rosa ‘Ausrelate’

Rosa ‘Lichfield Angel’ flowers through summer and autumn. The double flowers are creamy-white, apricot in color. The color gets slightly lighter as the rose opens up. The flowers have almost a hundred petals. It is a repeat bloomer and adapts to most environments. It also makes an excellent cut flower.

Grow it in the sun. Plant it in humus-rich, fertile, and well-drained soil. Fertilize the plant to maximize flowering. Propagate Rosa ‘Lichfield Angel’ by cuttings.

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