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Clivia miniata ‘Belgian Hybrid Yellow’

Clivia miniata ‘Belgian Hybrid Yellow’ is from the Amaryllidaceae family of plants. They also call it Belgian Hybrid Yellow Bush Lily, Forest Lily, Caffre Lily, Kaffir Lily, Thong Lily, Boslelie, or Natal Lily. Clivia miniata grows well in the shade, under trees. It provides green foliage throughout the year and a burst of color when it flowers. Clivia miniata is native to South Africa. It has been naturalized in Mexico, North America, Australia, and New Zealand.

This variety has yellow trumpet-shaped flowers. It blooms in winter or early spring. Based on the climate Clivia miniata ‘Belgian Hybrid Yellow’ are grown outdoors or as potted plants indoors. They are frost tender. They form clumps. Don’t divide them since the flower better when they are densely clumped.

Clivia Miniata - Belgian Hybrid Yellow
Clivia miniata ‘Belgian Hybrid Yellow’

How to grow Clivia miniata ‘Belgian Hybrid Yellow’ indoors:

Grow Clivia miniata ‘Belgian Hybrid Yellow’ in containers. Plant them in houseplant compost. Place them where they have good light, but not in direct sunlight. They will flower in autumn.

In winter move them to a cool place and reduce watering. Move them again to a warm location when you see flower buds beginning to develop. Let them get potbound, as they will flower more.

How to grow Clivia miniata ‘Belgian Hybrid Yellow’ outdoors:

Grow Clivia miniata ‘Belgian Hybrid Yellow’ outdoors, if you live in a temperate climate, such as in southern California. Locate it in partial shade. Plant it in fertile, humus-rich, evenly moist, but well-drained soil. Do not disturb or transplant them.

Outdoors, Clivia miniata ‘Belgian Hybrid Yellow’ will bloom in spring. Reduce watering in autumn and winter. Propagate by division. Divide them every few years, otherwise, let them form clumps.

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