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Agastache foeniculum

Agastache foeniculum, also known as Blue Giant Hyssop, Agastache anethiodora, Agastache anisata, Anise Hyssop, Fragrant Giant Hyssop, or Lavender Giant Hyssop is a herbaceous perennial plant. Agastache foeniculum is native to North America. It is part of the Lamiaceae family of plants. It has fragrant leaves and is related to the mint family. The flowers are 2-lipped and tubular in beautiful lavender or purple color.

Agastache Foeniculum

Deadhead the Agastache foeniculum flowers for additional blooming. This plant forms clumps and the flowers are in short spikes. It flowers in Summer and Autumn. One plant can produce over 90,000 flowers! The leaves are oval and toothed. It is a great pollinator, so it does support bee colonies. Both bees and butterflies enjoy this plant. Native Americans have traditionally used Agastache foeniculum for medicinal purposes treating cough, fever, and diarrhea. The fragrant leaves are used in potpourri as well as tea and in salads.

Agastache Foeniculum

Grow Agastache foeniculum in the sun. Plant it in well-drained but fertile moist soil. Propagate by seed or divisions. Agastache foeniculum is pest-free but you should watch out for powdery mildew. It is tolerant of deer and it is drought-tolerant as well. It grows from 61cm or 2ft to about 120cm or 4ft.

Agastache Foeniculum

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