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Hylotelephium spectabile

Hylotelephium spectabile is also known as Anacampseros spectabile, Sedum spectabile, Ice Plant, Brilliant Stonecrop, Butterfly Stonecrop, Rabbit’s Cabbage, or Showy Stonecrop. It is part of the Crassulaceae family of plants. It is native to China, Japan, and Korea.

Hylotelephium spectabile is a herbaceous succulent perennial. It is clump-forming and deciduous. It withstands temperatures as low as -20°C or -4°F. It grows to about 45cm or 18in. The flowers are star-shaped and appear as flat cymes. It flowers in summer and autumn.

Hylotelephium spectabile
Hylotelephium spectabile or Ice Plant at Kew Gardens

Grow Hylotelephium spectabile in full sun. Plant it in moderately fertile but well-drained soil. This plant is drought-tolerant, especially when it is established. Propagate Hylotelephium spectabile by division or softwood cuttings in early summer. No pests to report. Watch out for crown rots or root rots.

Hylotelephium spectabile
Hylotelephium spectabile or Ice Plant

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