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Lythrum virgatum ‘Dropmore Purple’

Lythrum virgatum ‘Dropmore Purple’ also known as Loosestrife. It is a herbaceous perennial. It was named after Dropmore House built in the 1790s, the home of Lord Grenville. He as prime minister is known for abolishing the slave trade. It is located at Burnham Beeches about 25 miles west of London. Lord Grenville planted over 2500 trees in this estate and at his death, Dropmore Estate had the largest collection of conifer species in Britain.

Lythrum virgatum ‘Dropmore Purple’ flowers throughout the summer. It has reddish-pink flowers on tall spikes. It has square stems. The leaves are simple and opposite. Lythrum virgatum ‘Dropmore Purple’ is native to North America.

Lythrum virgatum 'Dropmore Purple'
Lythrum virgatum at Kew Garden
Lythrum virgatum 'Dropmore Purple'
Lythrum virgatum ‘Dropmore Purple’

Grow Lythrum virgatum ‘Dropmore Purple’ in the sun. Plant it in any kind of soil. This is a hardy plant. It can grow to 120cm or 4ft. In nature it grows in wetlands. It is usually found by river banks and ponds. It is self-seeding so you might want to deadhead the flowers to control self-seeding. In some parts of North America, it is considered invasive.

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