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Helichrysum bracteatum

Xerochrysum bracteatum is also known as Everlasting Flower. They previously called it Helichrysum bracteatum. It is native to Australia. It is part of the Asteraceae family of plants.

Étienne Pierre Ventenat (1757-1808) first described Xerochrysum bracteatum by the name Helichrysum bracteatum. He was a French botanist. In 1803, he published Le Jardin de la Malmaison. This book was commissioned by Napoleon’s wife Joséphine de Beauharnais (1763–1814). Her goal was to record the rare plants in the gardens of Château de Malmaison. That was her favorite residence.

Xerochrysum bracteatum
Xerochrysum bracteatum

Helichrysum bracteatum flowers in summer and autumn. The range of colors includes white, yellow, pink, and red. Flowers are daisy-like. They have a central disk but the petals are glossy. They look nice in borders. They also make good cut flowers and beautiful dried flowers.

Xerochrysum bracteatum
Xerochrysum bracteatum

How to grow Helichrysum bracteatum:

Grow Helichrysum bracteatum in the sun. Plant it in moderately fertile, dry to medium, but well-drained soil. Deadhead the flowers. And cut it back after flowering is done. Helichrysum bracteatum is pest-free. Watch out for downy mildew. Propagate by seeds.

Helichrysum bracteatum is also called:

Braced Everlasting
Golden Everlasting
Yellow Paper Daisy
Paper Daisy
Xerochrysum bracteantha
Bracteantha bracteata

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