February 4, 2023
Boronia crenulata 'Shark Bay'

Boronia crenulata 'Shark Bay' in Los Angeles

Boronia crenulata ‘Shark Bay’ or Shark Bay Aniseed Boronia is native to western Australia. It is part of the Rutaceae family of plants. It is an evergreen dwarf shrub. It blooms from winter through summer. All year-round, especially in temperate zones.

Boronia crenulata ‘Shark Bay’ can grow to about 4ft or 120cm. It has small aromatic leaves. The pink flower has four petals with a yellow center. Boronia crenulata ‘Shark Bay’ was named after an Italian botanist, Francesco Borone (1769-94). “Crenulata” refers to the notched or toothed ending of the leaves.

Boronia crenulata 'Shark Bay'
Boronia crenulata ‘Shark Bay’ in Los Angeles

How to grow Boronia crenulata ‘Shark Bay’:

Grow Boronia crenulata ‘Shark Bay’ in the sun, provides a bit of shade in hot climates. Plant it in moist, humus-rich soil that is also well-drained. It is hardy once it is established. Plant them in the ground or in containers. Generally, it is pest-free and disease-free. Watch out for red spider mites if grown in a greenhouse.

Boronia crenulata 'Shark Bay'
Boronia crenulata ‘Shark Bay’

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