February 1, 2023
Epidendrum ibaguense 'Orange Ballerina'

Epidendrum ibaguense 'Orange Ballerina'

Epidendrum ibaguense is native to Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, French Guyana, and Trinidad. It is an epiphytic (a plant that grows on another plant for support but not for food) Orchid. It is part of the Orchidaceae family of plants.

Epidendrum ibaguense is a pseudo-monopodial plant and has a vertical stem. New growths usually appear near the base of an older one. The flowers are produced on successively flowering racemes. The Epidendrum ibaguense flowers have a three-lobed lip at the bottom that closes in. Epidendrum ibaguense ‘ Orange Ballerina’ has bright orange flowers that are also fragrant. It flowers all year if the conditions are adequate.

Epidendrum ibaguense 'Orange Ballerina'
Epidendrum ibaguense ‘Orange Ballerina’

Epidendrum ibaguense ‘ Orange Ballerina’ tolerates temperatures as low as 50ºF or 10ºC. It is grown as a houseplant or in the greenhouse in colder climates. But I came across the ones in the photo planted in the garden in Los Angeles. They are tough plants, they prefer indirect light but also can tolerate the sun. Keep the plant moist but never soggy or wet. Cut off the flowers to encourage further blooms. In pots let it be pot-bound so don’t repot often, maybe every few years.

Propagate of the original is through tissue culture and not for the average owner. Most gardeners acquire hybrids readily available.

Epidendrum ibaguense 'Orange Ballerina'
Epidendrum ibaguense ‘Orange Ballerina’

It is known and has been classified as the following:
1853 – Epidendrum decipiens Lindl.
1853 – Epidendrum schomburgkii var. confluens Lindl.
1856 – Epidendrum chrysostomum Rchb.f.
1892 – Epidendrum bituberculatum Rolfe
1911 – Epidendrum planiceps Kraenzl.
1919 – Epidendrum laetum Schltr.
1920 – Epidendrum fraternum Schltr.
1920 – Epidendrum smithii Schltr.
1920 – Epidendrum sororium Schltr.
1925 – Epidendrum miquelii Schltr.
1944 – Epidendrum ibaguense var. confluens (Lindl.) C.Schweinf.

Epidendrum ibaguense 'Orange Ballerina'
Epidendrum ibaguense ‘Orange Ballerina’

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