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Fothergilla major

Fothergilla major is also known as Mountain Witch Alder or Large Witch Alder. It is part of the Hamamelidaceae family of plants. It is the Witch-hazel family. It is native to North America. More precisely it is native to the Allegheny Mountains in the southeast USA. Fothergilla major is hardy.

It is a deciduous shrub. Fothergilla major is densely branching. It is named after John Fothergill (1712-1780). He was an English botanist. Major in the name means large in Latin. It can grow 2m or 6ft tall. It is a slow-growing shrub. The leaves are glossy green. But it will grow larger than Fothergilla gardenii. They turn shades of red and orange in autumn.

Fothergilla major
Fothergilla major

Fothergilla major flowers are creamy-white. They look like small bottle brushes. The flowers usually appear right before the leaves. Or just when the leaves sprout in May or June. The flowers are fragrant.

Grow Fothergilla major in the sun or partial shade. Plant it in humus-rich, moist acidic soil that is also well-drained. Propagate Fothergilla major by seed or softwood cuttings. Generally, it is pest-free. It is also disease-free. No pruning is necessary. In early spring remove any diseased or dead branches. If you are looking for incredibly bright fall leaves this is a good choice.

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