March 25, 2023
Pelargonium 'Moonlight Violino'

Pelargonium 'Moonlight Violino' at Kew Garden, London, UK

Pelargonium ‘Moonlight Violino’ is most commonly used as an ornamental plant. This is a Kew Garden trial hybrid, which is where I photographed it. Pelargonium ‘Moonlight Violino’ is part of the Geraniaceae family of plants.

It produces clusters of purplish-pink flowers. Pelargonium ‘Moonlight Violino’ is an evergreen perennial. It is ideal for borders or containers.

Place Pelargonium ‘Moonlight Violino’ in the sun or partial shade. Pelargonium ‘Moonlight Violino’ has fragrant leaves and stems. It prefers a dry atmosphere. Don’t water from overhead to prevent rot. Use peat soil or loam soil. However, if you plant them in a border under the hot sun then you should water them. Deadhead the flowers for prolonged flowering season. Propagate Pelargonium ‘Moonlight Violino’ by cuttings as most cultivated varieties do not produce seeds.

Pelargonium 'Moonlight Violino'
Pelargonium ‘Moonlight Violino’ at Kew Garden, London, UK

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