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Paeoniaceae, commonly known as the Peony family, is a small yet captivating family that primarily consists of the Paeonia genus. Belonging to the order Saxifragales, Paeoniaceae encompasses around 33 recognized species.

The plants of Paeoniaceae are widely distributed across Europe, Asia, and North America, where they bring beauty and elegance to various landscapes. These members of the family are characterized as herbaceous perennials or small shrubs, showcasing a range of growth forms and sizes. They are renowned for their stunning flowers and distinct foliage.

The leaves of Paeoniaceae plants are typically three-lobed, adding an attractive element to the overall plant structure. The foliage is arranged in an alternate pattern along the stems, providing a lush and abundant display. However, it is the magnificent flowers of the Peony family that steal the spotlight.

The flowers of Paeoniaceae are truly a sight to behold. They are large and exhibit radial symmetry, captivating with their exquisite beauty. Each flower typically consists of five petals and five sepals, forming a visually striking and well-balanced structure. In addition to the prominent petals and sepals, Paeoniaceae flowers boast a remarkable number of stamens, which contribute to their overall allure. The stamens often surround a central cluster of carpels, giving rise to the distinctive appearance of the flower.

With their captivating blooms and distinctive foliage, Paeoniaceae plants hold a special place in horticulture and are widely cherished by gardeners and flower enthusiasts alike. From delicate pastel shades to vibrant hues, the flowers of this family add splendor to gardens, parks, and floral arrangements, making them highly sought-after ornamental plants.

Next time you encounter a Peony or any member of the Paeoniaceae family, take a moment to appreciate the intricate beauty and elegance that these plants bring to the natural world. Their alluring flowers and distinctive foliage serve as a testament to the extraordinary diversity and splendor found within the plant kingdom.

Paeoniaceae family species include:

Paeonia abchasica  
Paeonia albiflora  
Paeonia albiflora var. edulis
Paeonia albiflora var. fragrans
Paeonia albiflora var. humei
Paeonia albiflora f. nuda
Paeonia albiflora f. pilifera
Paeonia albiflora f. pilosella
Paeonia albiflora var. purpurea
Paeonia albiflora var. spontanea
Paeonia albiflora var. trichocarpa
Paeonia albiflora var. whitleyi
Paeonia albiflos  
Paeonia algeriensis  
Paeonia altaica  
Paeonia anemoniflora  
Paeonia anomala  
Paeonia anomala var. angustifolia
Paeonia anomala subsp. anomala
Paeonia anomala var. emodi
Paeonia anomala var. hybrida
Paeonia anomala var. insignis
Paeonia anomala f. intermedia
Paeonia anomala subsp. intermedia
Paeonia anomala var. nudicarpa
Paeonia anomala subsp. pamiroalaica
Paeonia anomala subsp. veitchii
Paeonia arborea  
Paeonia arborea var. papaveracea
Paeonia arietina  
Paeonia arietina var. carnea
Paeonia arietina var. orientalis
Paeonia arietina var. oxoniensis
Paeonia atlantica  
Paeonia bakeri  
Paeonia banatica  
Paeonia baokangensis  
Paeonia barrii  
Paeonia baxteri  
Paeonia beresowskii  
Paeonia biebersteiniana  
Paeonia bifurcata  
Paeonia broteri  
Paeonia broteri var. ovatifolia
Paeonia brownii  
Paeonia brownii subsp. brownii
Paeonia brownii subsp. californica
Paeonia brownii var. californica
Paeonia bysantina  
Paeonia californica  
Paeonia cambessedesii  
Paeonia carthalinica  
Paeonia cathayana  
Paeonia caucasica  
Paeonia caucasica var. coriifolia
Paeonia chamaeleon  
Paeonia chinensis  
Paeonia clusii  
Paeonia clusii subsp. rhodia
Paeonia commutata  
Paeonia corallina  
Paeonia corallina var. atlantica
Paeonia corallina subsp. atlantica
Paeonia corallina var. broteri
Paeonia corallina var. cambessedesii
Paeonia corallina var. caucasica
Paeonia corallina subsp. coriacea
Paeonia corallina var. coriacea
Paeonia corallina var. coriifolia
Paeonia corallina var. corsica
Paeonia corallina f. corsica
Paeonia corallina var. flavescens
Paeonia corallina f. hypoleuca
Paeonia corallina var. kesrouanensis
Paeonia corallina var. leiocarpa
Paeonia corallina f. macrophylla
Paeonia corallina var. maroccana
Paeonia corallina var. orientalis
Paeonia corallina f. ovatifolia
Paeonia corallina var. pubescens
Paeonia corallina var. russoi
Paeonia corallina f. russoi
Paeonia corallina var. triternata
Paeonia corallina f. triternata
Paeonia corallina subsp. triternata
Paeonia corallina var. triternatiformis
Paeonia corallina var. wittmanniana
Paeonia coriacea  
Paeonia coriacea var. atlantica
Paeonia coriacea var. maroccana
Paeonia corsica  
Paeonia cretica  
Paeonia daurica  
Paeonia daurica subsp. coriifolia
Paeonia daurica subsp. macrophylla
Paeonia daurica subsp. mlokosewitschii
Paeonia daurica subsp. tomentosa
Paeonia daurica subsp. wittmanniana
Paeonia decomposita  
Paeonia decomposita subsp. decomposita
Paeonia decora  
Paeonia decora var. elatior
Paeonia decora var. pallasii
Paeonia delavayi  
Paeonia delavayi f. alba
Paeonia delavayi var. alba
Paeonia delavayi var. angustiloba
Paeonia delavayi var. atropurpurea
Paeonia delavayi var. delavayi
Paeonia delavayi f. lutea
Paeonia delavayi var. lutea
Paeonia delavayi f. superba
Paeonia delavayi f. trollioides
Paeonia edulis  
Paeonia edulis var. reevesiana
Paeonia edulis var. sinensis
Paeonia elegans  
Paeonia emodi  
Paeonia emodi f. glabrata
Paeonia emodi var. glabrata
Paeonia emodi subsp. sterniana
Paeonia femina var. villosa
Paeonia feminea  
Paeonia feminea var. banatica
Paeonia feminea var. humilis
Paeonia festiva  
Paeonia fimbriata  
Paeonia flavescens  
Paeonia foemina  
Paeonia foeminea var. cretica
Paeonia foliosa  
Paeonia forrestii  
Paeonia forrestii var. trollioides
Paeonia fragrans  
Paeonia franchetii  
Paeonia franchetti  
Paeonia fruticosa  
Paeonia fulgens  
Paeonia fulgida  
Paeonia glabrescens  
Paeonia handel-mazzettii  
Paeonia hartwissiana  
Paeonia hirsuta  
Paeonia humei  
Paeonia humilis  
Paeonia humilis var. gallica
Paeonia humilis var. villosa
Paeonia huthii  
Paeonia hybrida  
Paeonia integra  
Paeonia intermedia  
Paeonia intermedia subsp. pamiroalaica
Paeonia japonica  
Paeonia japonica f. pilosa
Paeonia japonica var. pilosa
Paeonia jishanensis  
Paeonia kavachensis  
Paeonia kavachensis var. coriifolia
Paeonia kesrouanensis  
Paeonia kurdistanica  

Paeoniaceae Paeonia broteri 'Buckeye Belle' ©
Paeonia broteri ‘Buckeye Belle’

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