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Cyclamen ‘Winter Ice™ Purple’

Cyclamen ‘Winter Ice™ Purple’ is a hybrid of Cyclamen persicum, or Persian Cyclamen. Cyclamen persicum is a herbaceous perennial. It grows from a tuber. It is native to Western Asia. It is part of the Primulaceae family of plants. It is clump-forming and deciduous.

Cyclamen ‘Winter Ice™ Purple’ has heart-shaped leaves. They are green but silver patterned. They usually flower in winter and spring. The flowers are purplish-pink and the petals grow upwards.

They are most frequently grown in containers indoors. They also treat them as annuals. Depending on the climate, you can plant them as bedding outdoors. But they are not as hardy as Cyclamen hederifolium.

Cyclamen 'Winter Ice™ Purple'
Cyclamen ‘Winter Ice™ Purple’ at Armstrong Garden Center, Los Angeles

How to grow Cyclamen ‘Winter Ice™ Purple’:

Grow them in the sun or partial shade. An ideal temperature is 55ºF or 13ºC. Plant them in moist, fertile, and well-drained soil. Watering too much can cause the leaves to turn yellow. Fertilize them every 2 weeks. Over-fertilization produces more leaves than flowers. Avoid hot dry air and don’t let the soil dry but never let it get soggy or wet. Propagate by seed. Soak the seeds prior to sowing. Watch out for vine weevils, grey mold, or black root rot.

Cyclamen 'Winter Ice™ Purple'
Cyclamen ‘Winter Ice™ Purple’

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