February 8, 2023
Asplenium nidus or Bird's Nest Fern

Asplenium nidus or Bird's Nest Fern

Asplenium nidus is an evergreen fern. They also call it the Bird’s Nest Fern, or Nest Fern. It is part of the Aspleniaceae family of plants. Asplenium nidus is epiphytic. It is native to tropical southeastern Asia, Australia, Polynesia, Hawaii, India, and Africa.

Asplenium nidus forms large simple fronds. The fronds grow from 50-150cm or 20-60in long in their native habitat. They grow much smaller when they grow them as a houseplant. The plant forms a rosette of lance-shaped leaves that are glossy with contrasting, dark midribs. The leaves are crinkled and develop spores underneath. The leaves or the fronds are undivided. Asplenium nidus grows to 5ft or 150cm tall.

Asplenium nidus or Bird's Nest Fern
Asplenium nidus or Bird’s Nest Fern

How to grow Asplenium nidus:

In milder climates, grow Asplenium nidus outdoors in partial or full shade. Plant it in humus-rich, moist but well-drained soil. Avoid direct sunlight. Asplenium nidus needs a minimum temperature of 50ºF or 10ºC. Indoors, place it in a humid environment. Propagate from spores on the back of the leaves. It is generally disease-free. Watch out for slugs, scale, and mealybugs.

Other synonyms for Asplenium nidus include:

Asplenium antiquum
Asplenium australasicum
Asplenium ficifolium
Neottopteris mauritiana
Neottopteris musaefolia
Neottopteris nidus
Neottopteris rigida
Thamnopteris nidus

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