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Cistus salviifolius or Gallipoli Rose

Cistus salviifolius is part of the Cistaceae family of plants. It is a low-growing shrub that makes a wonderful ground cover. They also call it the Sage-leaved Rock-rose, Salvia cistus, or Gallipoli Rose. The Cistus name is derived from Ancient Greek meaning basket and salviifolius refers to the wrinkly leaves.

Cistus salviifolius
Cistus salviifolius

Cistus salviifolius stems are hairy. It grows to about 2ft or 60cm tall and can spread about 6ft or 1.8m. The foliage is oval, opposite, and greyish-green. The flowers grow from leaf axils and are about 1.5in or 3.5cm wide. The flowering season is April and May, in Spring. They are white with a yellow spot at their base and have five petals. The stamens are bright yellow. Cistus salviifolius is pollinated by bees and insects.

How to grow Cistus salviifolius:

Grow Cistus salviifolius in the sun. It is easy to grow. Plant it in well-drained soil. It tolerates poor soil, little water, or coastal conditions. But water it well while it establishes itself, or when it is very very hot. It is drought-tolerant, and it is deer resistant. Cistus salviifolius is generally disease-free and pest-free. Propagate by seed or softwood cuttings.

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