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Rosa pendulina or Rosa alpina

Rose or Rosa pendulina is part of the Rosaceae family of plants. It is native to central and southern Europe, mostly in the mountains, and grows in warmer and wetter locations. Rosa pendulina is a climbing or rambling shrub.

Rosa pendulina
Rosa pendulina or Alpine Rose

They also call it the Alpine Rose, Mountain Rose, Rosier des Alpes, Rosier sans épines, Single Alpine Rose, Virgin Rose, Spineless Rose, Pendent-fruited Alpine Rose, Alpine Hedge Rose, Alpina Pendulina, Alpenrose, or Rosa alpina. Rosa pendulina flowers are dark pink, lighter toward the center. They have five petals and bright yellow stamens. Flowers start earlier and are very fragrant.

It is a once-flowering rose that flowers in spring, and grows to about 3m or 10ft tall, and is almost thornless. The stems are tinted reddish-purple. The leaves are green oblong-ovate, glabrous. The fruit or the rosehip is oblong and hangs downward. It was widely cultivated since the 1600s.

How to grow Rosa pendulina:

Grow Rosa pendulina in the sun or partial shade. Plant it in rich, fertile, moist, but eel-drained soil. Any soil type will do. It is frost hardy to -30ºC. It attracts bees and butterflies.

Other synonyms for Rosa pendulina include:

Rosa adenophora Kit.
Rosa adjecta Déségl.
Rosa affinis Sternb.
Rosa alpina L.
Rosa alpiniformis Haynald ex Borbás
Rosa andrewsii Tratt.
Rosa balcanica Dimitrov
Rosa cinnamomea L.
Rosa coccialba Kmet
Rosa diplacantha (Borbás) Heinr.Braun
Rosa glandulosa Bellardi
Rosa hispida Krock.
Rosa hybrida Vill.
Rosa inermis Turra
Rosa intercalaris Déségl.
Rosa lagenaria Vill.
Rosa majalis var. globosa (Desv.) P.V.Heath
Rosa malyi A.Kern.
Rosa odoratissima Scop.
Rosa pendula Salisb.
Rosa pendulina f. eriocephala (J.B.Keller & Formánek) Vukic.
Rosa pyrenaica Gouan
Rosa rupestris Crantz
Rosa semisimplex (Borbás) Heinr.Braun
Rosa stenodonta (Borbás) Heinr.Braun
Rosa tenuiflora (Borbás) Heinr.Braun
Rosa turbinata Vill.
Rosa villarsii Tratt. ex Link

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