February 1, 2023
Nymphaea 'Sunfire'

Nymphaea 'Sunfire' at Kew Gardens, London, UK

Nymphaea ‘Sunfire’ or Waterlily ‘Sunfire’ is a hardy waterlily. It has dark green leaves with reddish blotches. They grow to about 6in or 15cm wide. The flowers are dark pink gradually changing to lighter yellow toward the center.

Nymphaea 'Sunfire'
Nymphaea ‘Sunfire’ at Kew Gardens, London, UK

Nymphaea ‘Sunfire’ belongs to the Nymphaeaceae family of plants. It is a medium to large size waterlily and can spread to 5ft or 1.5m wide. Nymphaea ‘Sunfire’ is a day bloomer. Mike Giles is the breeder who introduced it in 2003. It is fragrant, with a lemon scent. Nymphaea ‘Sunfire’ flowers have about 30 to 40 petals. Anthers are deep yellow. It is an early bloomer. The flowers will open completely even in colder waters in autumn.

How to grow Nymphaea ‘Sunfire’:

Grow Nymphaea ‘Sunfire’ in the sun. Most waterlilies flower more and perform better in the sun. Plant it in heavy loam soil. Place it up to 2ft or 60cm below the surface of the water. Fertilize throughout the growing season or summer.

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