February 4, 2023
Nymphaea 'Stanley Angus Skinger'

Nymphaea 'Stanley Angus Skinger'

Nymphaea ‘Stanley Angus Skinger’ was named after a water lily volunteer propagator at Denver Botanic Gardens and a water lily expert Stanley Angus Singer.

Nymphaea 'Stanley Angus Skinger'
Nymphaea ‘Stanley Angus Skinger’

Nymphaea ‘Stanley Angus Skinger’ is a day blooming waterlily. It originated in 2005. It was introduced by Andreas Protopapas.

It has 38 petals deep pink color. It was cultivated from seed. It is a cup and star-shaped water lily. Like other water lilies, it is a rhizomatous perennial. Water lilies not only are beautiful but they help reduce algae.

Interestingly water lilies are edible young leaves and buds can be boiled and be consumed (of course this is not a recommendation, please always research and talk to experts or doctors if you plan to consume anything out of ordinary).

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