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Water Lily or Nymphaea

Nymphaea or Water Lilies are fun to grow, whether if you have a pond or smaller gardens in tubs. They have beautiful blossoms almost every day throughout the season. Here you see ‘Queen of Siam’ a tropical variety, the flower is semi-double cup-shaped, dark pink, and measures 4 to 6 inches in diameter. Leaves measure 6 to 10 inches across. Water Lily plant spreads out 3 to 6 feet in full to partial sunlight.

Water Lily - Copyright
Queen of Siam, Water Lily
Water Lily Copyright
Water Lily

They are usually planted in baskets or pots, the depth range is from 1ft to 3ft. Hardy water lilies are easier to grow for beginners, plant them in fall and groom them during the growing season. remove dead leaves and flowers. Tropical water lilies start later in the season and last longer in fall, but may need protection from harsh cold they are perfect in climates you can also grow oranges.

Water Lily in Tahiti

Night Blooming Tropical Water Lily
Night Blooming Tropical Water Lily

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