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Nymphaea ‘Betsy Sakata’

Nymphaea ‘Betsy Sakata’ is a hardy waterlily. It is free blooming and at its best between July and October. The flowers are light yellow with a bright yellow center. They are fragrant. The flower size is about 15cm or 6in in diameter. Plant Nymphaea ‘Betsy Sakata’ at depths of 40 to 100cm or 16 to 40in. Plant them in the sun in a pond basket. If it is already potted when you get your water lily you can submerge it in the water don’t worry if the leaves are underwater they will grow to get to the surface.

Nymphaea 'Betsy Sakata'
Nymphaea ‘Betsy Sakata’ at Kew Gardens

Nymphaea ‘Betsy Sakata’ like other waterlilies can benefit from fertilizers during the growing season. Usually, they don’t need special care in winter the leaves and flowers die down and re-emerge next season. However, if they are in pots and in shallow ponds you can remove and store than away from freezing weather. Waterlilies usually don’t like overcrowding so you should divide the plant every couple of years.

Nymphaea 'Betsy Sakata'
Nymphaea ‘Betsy Sakata’

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