February 4, 2023
Nymphaea 'Patio Joe' © onlineflowergarden.com

Nymphaea 'Patio Joe' at Kew Garden, London

Nymphaea ‘Patio Joe’ is a hardy water lily. The flowers have shades of creamy-yellow and pink so when you look from afar they appear peach. Nymphaea ‘Patio Joe’ is a free bloomer and a vigorous grower.

Dr. Kirk Strawn (1922-2008) cultivated Nymphaea ‘Patio Joe’ in 1997. He was a Founding Member of the International Waterlily Society. He developed methods of pollinating based on time of the year and also depending on the day a flower opens. He protected flowers by nets on the optimal days in order to pollinate them, and then stored the seeds in the refrigerator after washing them.

Tropical water lily seeds are stored dry, whereas hardy water lily seeds are better stored wet. He prefers to plant seeds outdoors in the light shade rather than indoors. He puts a light layer of sand and covers it with newspaper before watering to prevent the seeds from washing away.

Nymphaea 'Patio Joe'
Nymphaea ‘Patio Joe’ at Kew Garden, London

The flowers are almost 5in or 12.5cm wide. They are fragrant. The best flowering season is summer. Grow them in full sun. The leaf spread is about 90cm or 3ft. Water depth should be a maximum of 60cm or 2ft. It is better not to cover your water lily with gravel or large stone. Do so only if you have Koi fish in the pond. If you use gravel then use smaller gravel.

Feed your waterlilies. Don’t let them get pot bound when they are planted in baskets. All of this will help you to have more flowers.

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