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Nymphaea ‘lukei’

Nymphaea lukei is a water lily from the Nymphaceae family of plants. It was collected in 2008 by Surrey Wilfred Laurance Jacobs (1946-2009), an Australian botanist. He was an expert on the taxonomy of aquatic plants.

It is native to Western Australia. Nymphaea lukei is named after Luke Jaden Fussell, S.W. L. Jacobs’s grandson. Nymphaea lukei is a day flowering water lily. It is fragrant. Nymphaea lukei has a globose rhizome.

Nymphaea lukei
Nymphaea lukei at Kew Garden, London, UK

The Nymphaea lukei flowers rise about 30cm 12in above water. The petals are white shifting to deep blue or mauve at the edges. It has a bright yellow center. There is no gap between the petals and stamens. This waterlily is from Western Kimberly in Australia. In its native habitat, Nymphaea lukei grows in pools of water in creeks and rivers. It has hairy seeds.

Nymphaea lukei
Nymphaea lukei

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