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Nelumbo nucifera ‘komarovii’

Nelumbo nucifera ‘komarovii’ is native to the Amur region in Eastern Russia. As the location indicates, this is a lotus that can grow in a colder climate. It was named after Vladimir Leontjevich Komarov (1869-1945), a Russian botanist. The climate in its native land in winter can go as low as -25ºC or -14ºF.

Nelumbo nucifera 'komarovii'
Nelumbo nucifera ‘komarovii’ at Kew Gardens, London, UK

Nelumbo nucifera is known as the Indian Lotus or Sacred Lotus. Nelumbo nucifera ‘komarovii’ is a herbaceous perennial. It is part of the Nelumboceae family of plants.

The flowers are pink and grow on thick stems. Research has shown that Nelumbo nucifera can regulate the temperature of its flowers. Perhaps this also helps Nelumbo nucifera ‘komarovii’ survive in the cold climate.

Nelumbo nucifera 'komarovii'
Nelumbo nucifera ‘komarovii’

Lotus is usually planted in the soil under the pond and the leaves rise to the surface of the water. Usually water depth of 30cm to 2.5m or 12 into 8ft.

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