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Water Hyacinth or Eichhornia

Eichhornia or Water Hyacinth is a free-floating aquatic plant rather easy to grow. It is native to tropical and in South America. It is part of the Pontederiaceae family of plants.

Eichhornia has feathery roots and beautiful rounded leaves. It has densely branched stems. Each spike carries several flowers. Flower stems grow about 15cm or 6in above the leaves. The flowers are light lilac colored the tope petal has a darker purple shade and a yellow spot. Each plant can produce up to 20 flowers.

Water Hyacinth copyright
Purple Water Hyacinth Blossom

How to grow Eichhornia or Water Hyacinth:

The are easy to grow. They are fast growers. Frequent thinning will help them from overcrowding. Grow them in the sun. They prefer hot summers. If you live in a cold climate you might have to treat them as an annual.

Eichhornia grows profusely and rapidly if the environment is right. I grew them in a tub, on a roof garden. Before you knew they would fill the tub in the barrel. They treat Eichhornia as an invasive plant, in many locations. It can rapidly take over a body of water especially if there is an abundance of nutrients.

However, Eichhornia plant also has many benefits. It has strong tolerance for toxins and is used in wastewaters to clear toxins such as cyanide, arsenic and is known to increase nitrification.

Water Hyacinth copyright
Eichhornia or Water Hyacinth
Water Hyacinth
Eichhornia or Water Hyacinth

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