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Nymphaea ‘Masaniello’

Nymphaea ‘Masaniello’ or Waterlily ‘Masaniello’ is a rhizomatous aquatic perennial. It is part of the Nymphaeaceae family of plants and it is a hardy water lily. Nymphaea ‘Masaniello’ has round medium green floating leaves. Nymphaea ‘Masaniello’ flowers are fragrant pink in color with red flecks, cup-shaped, and narrow petals. It has bright orangish-yellow stamens. It flowers for most of the summer, June to Septemeber. It grows to a height of 10cm or 4in above water.

Nymphaea 'Masaniello'
Nymphaea ‘Masaniello’

Plant Nymphaea ‘Masaniello’ in the sun in undisturbed water. Use loamy soil in underwater baskets with the crowns just below the soil. It should have about 15 to 25cm to 6 to 10in of water, once established you can move it lower. Provide at least 4 hours of sunlight. Fertilize during the growing season. Propagate Nymphaea ‘Masaniello’ by division or through offsets which again should grow in shallower water until established.

Nymphaea ‘Masaniello’ is easy to maintain, deadhead flowers, and cut yellowed leaves. Watch out for water lily beetle, water lily aphid, false leaf-mining midge, brown china-mark moth, and as well leaf spot, brown spot, or crown root.

Nymphaea 'Masaniello'
Nymphaea ‘Masaniello’ at Kew Gardens

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