Nymphaea carpentariae 'Julia Leu'

Nymphaea carpentariae ‘Julia Leu’ used to be called the Normanton Lilies, and originally they were classified as Nymphaea gigantea. But a slight difference has made the case to reclassify it as Nymphaea carpentariae. Some differences include that the flowers fade slightly whereas N. gigantea fades as they age.

The flowers stay open almost 9 days vs. 4-5 days and on the first day, the flowers remain open the whole day rather than half day. Nymphaea carpentariae go dormant later and continue flowering in colder weather. This waterlily is an Australian tropical waterlily.

Nymphaea carpentariae 'Julia Leu'
Nymphaea carpentariae ‘Julia Leu’ at Kew Garden

About the name Nymphaea carpentariae ‘Julia Leu’:

The name Nymphaea carpentariae is after the Gulf of Carpentaria. The cultivar of Nymphaea carpentariae ‘Julia Leu’ is Andre Leu. He is the husband of Julia Leu which the flower is named after. Julia Leu lives in Douglas Shire with her husband and they run an organic fruit farm in Lower Daintree. She has also been on the Douglas Shire Council and a Mayor for two Terms. Andre Leu is an expert in and an authority on the Australian subgenus of waterlilies, Anecphya. Nymphaea carpentariae ‘Julia Leu’ is an Australian, day-blooming, tropical water lily.

How to grow Nymphaea carpentariae ‘Julia Leu’:

Tropical waterlilies must have a minimum of 5 hours of direct sunlight. More sun means more flowers. They require at least 6in or 15cm of water over the soil. Plant them in any garden soil but not peat moss or bark, in general, you should not use a material that will float in the water.

You should fertilize waterlilies during their active season, meaning summer. Watch out for algae and try not to use chemicals to control it. Chemicals can hurt your plants. Use Anarcharis or other plants that will help control it naturally. Remove debris and yellowed leaves and flowers from your pond. Some animals consume waterlilies and if they exist in large enough numbers can destroy your waterlilies. These include turtles, crawfish, duck, and even large Koi fish. Tropical waterlilies unless they are in warm climates are treated as annuals.

Nymphaea carpentariae 'Julia Leu'
Nymphaea carpentariae ‘Julia Leu’

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  1. Hi, I am new to the world of lilies and lotuses. I am interested in collecting andre and Julia leu varieties. Can you please help in this?

    1. Hi, the best way is to search online for nurseries that sell or if you have local nurseries to try and see if they stock the lilies you are interested.

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