Nymphaea ‘Kew’s Stowaway Blues’

Nymphaea - Kew’s Stowaway Blues

Nymphaea ‘Kew’s Stowaway Blues’ is a remarkable hybrid water lily renowned for its vibrant and captivating bright blue flowers. The creation of this particular hybrid was a serendipitous event that occurred during a botanical exchange. Let’s delve into the details of this fascinating water lily:

The creation of Nymphaea ‘Kew’s Stowaway Blues’ resulted from an accidental hybridization between Nymphaea powlathanga barre hellquist and Nymphaea carpentariae Andre Leu. Andre Leu, an Australian botanist, sent a species sample to Carlos Magdalena at Kew Gardens. However, upon the growth of the plant from its tuber, it became evident that the received species was not the intended one.

Nymphaea ‘Kew’s Stowaway Blues’ is a tropical day bloomer, meaning its flowers open during the day and close at night. The bright blue flowers are the highlight of this water lily, attracting attention with their striking coloration. The flowers are characterized by a starry cup shape, adding to their allure and creating a visually captivating display.

The hybrid water lily Nymphaea ‘Kew’s Stowaway Blues’ was first introduced in 2008. Its creation was an unintended consequence of the botanical exchange between Andre Leu and Carlos Magdalena. Despite the unexpected outcome, this water lily has gained recognition and popularity among water garden enthusiasts due to its unique and vibrant flower color.

How to grow Nymphaea ‘Kew’s Stowaway Blues’:

Water Requirements: Nymphaea ‘Kew’s Stowaway Blues’ thrives in aquatic environments, requiring a pond or water feature with a depth suitable for water lily cultivation. Ensure that the water level remains consistent and that the plant receives sufficient moisture.

Sunlight: This tropical day bloomer flourishes in full sun, preferably receiving six to eight hours of direct sunlight each day. Adequate sunlight promotes robust growth and enhances flower production.

Water Temperature: Nymphaea ‘Kew’s Stowaway Blues’ prefers warmer water temperatures, typically between 70 to 85°F (21 to 29°C). Maintain the water temperature within this range to encourage optimal growth and flowering.

Planting: Plant the water lily in a suitable container or pond planting basket filled with aquatic soil. Ensure that the tuber is placed at an appropriate depth, typically around 6 to 18 inches (15 to 45 cm) below the water surface. Position the plant in a way that allows the leaves to float on the water’s surface while the roots remain submerged.

Fertilization: Regular fertilization is crucial for the healthy growth and blooming of Nymphaea ‘Kew’s Stowaway Blues.’ Use a specialized aquatic plant fertilizer or slow-release fertilizer specifically designed for water lilies. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper application and frequency.

Nymphaea ‘Kew’s Stowaway Blues’ is a remarkable water lily that captivates with its vibrant blue flowers and unexpected origin story. Whether gracing a pond or water feature, this hybrid water lily adds a touch of beauty and intrigue to any aquatic setting. By providing it with suitable water conditions, ample sunlight, and proper care, you can enjoy the dazzling display of Nymphaea ‘Kew’s Stowaway Blues’ and appreciate its unique journey in the world of botanical hybrids.

Nymphaea 'Kew’s Stowaway Blues'
Water Lily -Nymphaea – Kew’s Stowaway Blues at Kew Gardens

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