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Stigmaphyllon ciliatum

Stigmaphyllon ciliatum is a tropical vine from the Malpighiaceae family of plants. They also call it the Brazilian Golden Orchid Vine, Golden Vine, Orchid Vine, or Butterfly Vine. Other synonyms for Stigmaphyllon ciliatum include Banisteria ciliata, Banisteria glauca, or Banisteria nitida.

Stigmaphyllon ciliatum - Orchid Vine, Brazilian Golden Vine
Stigmaphyllon ciliatum – Orchid Vine, Brazilian Golden Vine in West Los Angeles, California

It is native to Central and South America. Joseph Banks (1743-1820) described this plant from Brazil, in 1768 while traveling with Captain James Cook, visiting Brazil, Tahiti, New Zealand, and Australia. The name ciliatum is due to the eyelash-like hairs on the leaves.

Stigmaphyllon ciliatum can grow to 15ft or 5m high, and it is fast-growing. It flowers in late spring or early summer. The flowers are bright yellow and orchid-like. The green leaves are heart-shaped and have long hairs.

How to grow Stigmaphyllon ciliatum:

Grow Stigmaphyllon ciliatum in the sun or partial shade. Plant it in moist, fertile, well-drained soil. Water it occasionally. Propagate from seed and hardwood cuttings. You can collect seed by letting the seedpods dry. It is not frost-hardy but can withstand temperatures as low as to 29ºF or -2ºC.

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