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Lonicera hildebrandiana

Lonicera ©

Lonicera hildebrandiana has large, very fragrant flowers from summer to frost. This is a beautiful climber with tubular yellow flowers. Also, it is known as Giant Burmese HoneySuckle. It produces red berries after flowering. Lonicera hildebrandiana is the largest honeysuckle. It can grow to 10m or 30ft. It is evergreen, but a tender perennial. It has green glossy leaves. They are ovate or oval. Lonicera hildebrandiana is native to Southeast ...

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Lonicera or Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle ©

Lonicera or commonly known as Honeysuckle is either evergreen or deciduous shrub or vine. Hummingbirds love these fragrant flowers and other birds love the berries. They are easy to cultivate. Lonicera belongs to the Caprifoliaceae family of plants. It is native to North America and Eurasia. Most of the Lonicera varieties are hardy climbers but there also shrubs. Though there are some that are not hardy such as Lonicera hildebrandiana. ...

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