February 1, 2023
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The Blue  Salvia also is known as Mealy-cup Sage. It blooms from June through October. Grow it in full sun. Plant it in moist, well-drained soil for this popular variety of Salvia. They are native to North America.

Blue Salvias are perennials, however, in some climates, they are treated as annuals. Some varieties include Salvia azurea ‘Grandiflora’ (Salvia pitcheri), which grows to 5 ft tall with Gentian blue flowers. Salvia clevlandii native to San Diego grows to 4 ft., fragrant with blue flowers. Salvia farinacea, 3 ft. with violet-blue flowers. Salvia leucophylla 2-6 ft. and blue flowers in May of June. Salvia patens or Gentian Sage grows to 2.5 ft., likes the sun or partial shade.

Blue Salvia Copyright https://www.onlineflowergarden.com
Blue Salvia

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