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Bromeliad is from the pineapple family also known as Bromelia, a stemless perennial. The flowers are very small but they grow on a stem of the grown plants with colorful bracts. Most people grow Bromeliads for these showy and colorful bracts which last for several months after blossom.

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Colorful Bracts of Bromeliads

Bromeliads are rather adaptive plants that withstand dryer conditions and become wonderful potted plants. Though Bromeliads usually grow on trees or rocks the do fine in potting soil. In nature, they gain their sustenance from the rain from leaf mold around their roots.

Bromeliad in pink

Bromeliads are also very tolerant of different temperatures from 50 degrees to 80. Bromeliad bloom cycle is affected by the length of the day, temperature, humidity, water, and food.

Bromeliad belong to bromelia or pineapple family

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